Who are we ?



Guy, born in 1976, inherited the profession of interior decorator from his great-grandfather and decided to take over the family business created in 1916. He was so active in the company that he was probably the origin of the saying "busy as Guy"! He was also the president of a regional counter and a member of the Kiwanis-Club of Gros-de-Vaud in Switzerland. He was a true modern Robin Hood, regularly giving his time to help others.

Sandrine, born in 1971, was a professional sommelier, but she quickly discovered her passion for bakery, especially for sales and management. She ran her own shop for over 13 years in Echallens, Switzerland, and raised two young adults born in 1995 and 1998. She was living proof that bread and wine make the perfect pair!

Together, Guy and Sandrine realized that they didn't want to work at the same pace for another 20 years. They didn't want to reach retirement and say, "Oh no, already?! Time has passed so quickly and what have we really accomplished?" They decided to slow down and enjoy life. They also decided to settle in the beautiful town of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, where they could live a more relaxed work life, close to nature and daily encounters.

In 2017, they started looking for their dream home. They started out casually, but then intensified their search. On Easter Day in 2018, they came across a Mas that made their hearts beat in unison. Of course, major renovations were necessary for their dream to come true, but they persevered.

They finally signed the purchase of the Mas on February 27, 2019, and immediately began the renovations. They tore down everything in the main Mas to turn it into a welcoming living space. It wasn't easy, as the old building dated back to the 1900s and there were no original plans. However, Guy and Sandrine worked with passionate professionals to create a home full of charm and character.

They had to overcome many difficulties, such as the risk of the first-floor ceiling collapsing and the replacement of all plumbing and electrical wiring. But they also had good surprises, like the discovery of a beautiful Provençal ceiling hidden behind a false ceiling.

Finally, they succeeded in transforming the Mas into a beautiful home, with a bathroom for each upstairs bedroom, a generous common room, and a beautiful terrace to enjoy the sun. They worked hard, but they also took their time.

The Mas has regained a second youth, or perhaps a third or fourth, who knows? With only pencil sketches to guide them, the owners redesigned the volumes and rearranged the spaces, making this old building their own and ensuring its certain longevity.

However, they didn't accomplish this colossal work alone. They relied on passionate professionals from the region who worked some weekends to meet deadlines. Meanwhile, the owners restored the exteriors and cottages: building a shed for the pool area, renovating the pool house, rebuilding the terrace of "La Bergerie," which was in danger of collapsing, painting all wrought iron furniture including lamps, creating a necessary laundry room for their activity, and carrying out all kinds of small DIY jobs.

Their bed and breakfast business started in August 2019, but unfortunately, COVID disrupted their momentum for several months starting in the following spring. They took advantage of this time to update the cottages and make them even more welcoming for their guests.

Their greatest wish is that everyone feels at home at Mas Séraphin, and even better than at home! They want their guests to keep a memorable souvenir of their stay, a little ray of sunshine in their lives.

Mas Séraphin is like home, but better