Who are we ?

Guy is 43 years old (in 2019), an interior decorator by trade. He took over the family business and  celebrated its centenary in 2016. He was very active for the company as a rule. For many years he was president of a Regional Market Fair. He is a  member of the Kiwanis ,Gros-de-Vaud, Switzerland and gives help regularly to others.

Sandrine is 48 years old (still in 2019), sommelier by profession, she quickly oriented her activities towards business management in the baking profession. She ran her business for more than 13 years in Echallens,Switzerland . Mother of two young adults of 21 and 24 years old.

Together, we did not see ourselves continuing to work at the same pace for another 20 years. We did not think we were going to retire saying "shit, already?" time has passed so quickly and what have I done? "
We wanted to take the time to do things. Meeting people was no longer enough, we wanted to talk to them, exchange, and be more available. We dreamed of a life of work, certainly, but rich in daily encounters and more down to earth.
And above all, we fell in love with this beautiful city that is Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

In 2017, we began our research, first dilettante, then more intensely. We came across this Mas at Easter 2018 and we both had the same feeling. Sure, we had to consider large work  projects,not being sure to begin with if the project  was viable. But we held firm, we clung to our dream.

We signed the purchase of the Mas on February 27, 2019 and began work in the wake.
If the dependency with the deposits was only slightly affected by the works, we almost broke everything in the main Mas. It was a question of entirely modifying the affectation of the places.
In its last version, there were several, the Mas dates from the 1900s, there was a guest room upstairs accessible by the staircase colimacon outside. The rest of the floor was devoted to the rooms of the owners.The breakfast room was in the same place, but we had to reorganize the rest of the rest of the floor (about 75 m2) so that it could accommodate our private accommodation.
The construction period was marked by good and bad surprises. We had to cut down more than half of the ceiling of the 1st floor for fear that it collapses itself. We had all the non-bearing walls of the floor cut down to resize the rooms. Consolidate the floor and pour a chappe to recover the 7 cm of differences on the floor of the 1st floor. Remove the eternity from the roof, pull and pull meters and meters of electrical cables and piping. The good surprise? A beautiful Provencal ceiling that we updated in the entrance-office space and was hidden by a false ceiling.
From the base Mas, there were only the outer walls and the 70 cm thick central wall.
Then we rebuilt. By creating one bathroom per room upstairs, creating one for us on the ground floor and a kitchen that we moved.
Floor to ceiling, the Mas has found a second (a third or fourth, who knows?) Youth. Not having original plans only sketches in pencil, we have redesigned the volumes, reassigned the places, made ours this old grandmother who will probably survive us.

Of course, we did not do this alone with our own little arms. We surrounded ourselves with professionals from the Region. Passionate people, who worked on weekends to finish the job on time.
While they were working in the Mas, we rehabilitated the exteriors and the lodgings. Construction of a garden shed in the pool area, redo the floor of the pool house, redo the terrace of "La Bergerie", repaint all the wrought iron furniture, including street lights, create a laundry necessary for our activity , a screw here, a nail there, a little smear here, ... ..

Our wish: That everyone feels welcomed as a member of the family. That he does not ask himself if he is disturbing.May this visit to the Mas Seraphim be a ray of sunshine to keep preciously in a corner of ones mind. A memory to hang onto in case of drone or greyness.