Code of ethics

  • The cleaning products and comfort products you will find in the rooms come from the Mas du Roseau in Saint-Chamas. Soap artisanal products are free of heavy metals, carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic products. Products based on olive oil and essential oils for perfumes.
  • We will eventually use household vinegar, but disinfection is mostly done with steam.
  • We avoid chemical and aggressive products as much as we can, but sometimes we use them when we have exhausted all our resources.
  • Sandrine makes her own the jams for breakfast. With fruits from our generous fruit trees, but also with fruits bought from local producers, if necessary.
  • It was our choice not to have a vegetable garden, eventhough Sandrine has always had one in Switzerland. But the region is rich in fruits and vegetables and local producers offer wonderful products at the Velleron market every night, or at L'Isle market on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • If the grain we give to our chickens is organic, they will gladly eat all the food left over. In exchange, they offer us good eggs that you can enjoy at breakfast or in some other preparation.
  • If you are looking for Sandrine around the Mas and you can not find her, she is probably in her kitchen  preparing some treats for the breakfast buffet or for the snack on Tuesday evening.
  • No, we do not do table d'hôtes. It's our choice. We are 2 kilometers from the city where there is restaurant pletoire. We also keep a register of the best addresses. By cons, we invite our guests, whether they are there for one night or more to share a moment of conviviality on Tuesday evenings in summer. It`s a question of making contact, and informing the visitors, eating, drinking and above all a moment of conviality.