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Marché de velleron: 43.955380, 5.026588
Les vergers de la courtoise: 43.879272, 5.038715
Le vivier: 43.925549, 5.062860
Passerrelle des cimes: 43.908333, 5.106944
Colorado Aventures: 43.910936, 5.464754
Canoe Evasion: 43.911370, 5.107690
Kayak vert: 43.917980, 5.115251
Parc animalier de molleges : 43.813103, 4.948404
Parc animalier de peaugres : 45.269796, 4.713158
Plage de beauduc: 43.396129, 4.595719
Lac de monteux: 44.016610, 4.965426
Plan d\'eau des girades Lapalud: 44.314140, 4.707406
Vieux moulin de crillon: 43.952807, 5.022306
Le visiatome : 44.140200, 4.693500
Luberon biking : 43.958379, 5.030759
Distillerie Vallon des Lavandes GAEC: 44.108295, 5.411576
Les écuries de Saint Jean: 43.890749, 5.506166
Les agnels distillerie de lavance et de plantes aromatiques: 43.854537, 5.386162
Le pont du gard: 43.947535, 4.534896
Roussillon : 43.902361, 5.292198
Goult : 43.863945, 5.240272
Ferme au crocodiles: 44.356433, 4.703964
Bambouseraie d'anduze: 44.072677, 3.979387
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Marché de velleron
From early April: open every night from 18 pm except Sundays and public holidays
From early October until late March. Open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 16:30. In a few years, the famous Velleron agricultural market has become a veritable institution in the Vaucluse and well beyond.
Recognized by the National Council of Culinary Arts and ranked among the -100 to exceptional markets in France, it attracts more than 150,000 visitors a year looking for the best of the vegetable and craft local production. From producer to consumer: it is the rule that the success of marché de Velleron,for more than 20 years .

Ballade in Velleron market told by a user

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Les vergers de la courtoise
Family estate created by Pierre Avy in 1982,Les Vergers de la Courtoisemarket fruit grown with passion.
Since 1997 producers have formed producer organization.
Family members represent 90% of production.
The willingness of each member is to be a strong and sustainable group that follows the changing demands of global markets while developing so mastered the quantities produced.

4440 Route de Cavaillon, 84800 Isle Sur La Sorgue
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Le vivier
Le vivier is a very good restaurant isle sur sorgue. A star in the Michelin, the chef will delight your taste buds and your sense of smell.
04 90 38 52 80
PASSION OF HISTORY - Patrick and Celine Fishnaller settled in Vivier at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in 2005, conquered by the place and the magic of the terrace idyllic riverside. Contemporary decor and views on Sorgue provide a framework for your meal. And what a meal
CUISINE AND REFINED INVENTIVE - The head of Vivier, former Senderens, Dutournier and Reine Sammut, subtle favors originality and quality of the product. A finesse cuisine but always accessible, refined but never elitist. The cellar brings the same qualities
FLAWLESS SERVICE. - Discreet, caring, competent, Vivier's team helps make your meal a truly flawless festival, recognized by the major guides.

800 Cours Fernande Peyre, 84800 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France
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Passerrelle des cimes
La Passerelle crown , 3 aerial courses that will delight young and old.
title="téléphone walkway of cimes" href="tel:+33490385687"> 04 90 38 56 87

RD 24, route de Cavaillon, 84800 Lagnes
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Colorado Aventures

In Provence, the heart of the Luberon Natural Park, and a little-known part of the "Colorado Provençal", ALEXANDER AND HIS TEAM invite you to discover their adventures Course Forest and Benji Ejection (bungee jumping in backwards).
with its geological features and its magnificent backdrop ocher colors, you will move from tree to tree according to our different courses. You will discover the forest Notre Dame des Anges with its chapel of the XIIth century and the remains of a past industry.
You can also enjoy the picnic area as well as hiking trails located nearby allowing you to enjoy a day in contact with nature
06 78 26 68 91

Quartier Notre-Dame des anges, 84400 Rustrel
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Canoe Evasion
Canoe Evasion


The descent of the Sorgue in canoe is between Fontaine de Vaucluse and Isle sur la Sorgue (84). Accessible to all
from 3 years old, you will spend a relaxing time with family or friends.
After about 2 hours down, return to the base is done by bus.
04 90 38 26 22

D57 84800 Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
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Kayak vert
Kayak vert 
<br/Canoe kayak rental from Fontaine de Vaucluse
Family course of 8 km for a period of 2 hours. Allow half a day. Rental equipment 3rd weekend of April to September.
Canoe or kayak descent organizer of the Sorgue between Fontaine-de-Vaucluse and Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Kayak Vert you in a wild landscape and crystal clear water of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. (Duration of the descent between 1 and 2 hours) .The children are welcome, below 6 years, it will be supported by the monitor
on site. Snack restaurant, changing rooms, playground Picnic near
partner Provence Cycling, cyclists and bike rental home
. & nbsp;.
+ 33 (0) 4 90 20 35 44

Quartier la Baume Avenue Robert Garcin 84800 Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
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Parc animalier de molleges
Par animalier l'arc en ciel à molleges.

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Parc animalier de peaugres
Parc animalier Safari de peaugres

4 continents over 80 hectares: a journey to the depths of animal life. Welcome to the largest animal park in Rhône Alpes!
On foot, by bus, by car, park your offers all modes of escape. You travel from Madagascar to the poles, you experience the most unusual species and caress our most familiar friends, like farm animals. Africa, North America and Asian countries meet in Peaugres Safari.
04 75 33 00 32
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Plage de beauduc
Beauduc is a natural site being located in Grande Camargue, in the town of Arles (Canton of Arles-West). It includes one of the largest beach of the Mediterranean sand, lagoons and a village of huts (the hamlet of Sablons). It is accessible by car on a dirt track. Lighthouse Beauduc dominates this site. It is a recognized kiteboarding spot.

Access is a bit difficult towards the end with passages on dirt road, but well worth the shot.
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