Products served at the Mas, good, organic and healthy



At Mas Séraphin, the chickens are pampered with organic grains and delicious food leftovers. In exchange, we receive fresh and tasty eggs , which you can enjoy for breakfast or buy in our shop.

Sandrine prepares the jams herself with love, using fruits from our trees and local producers . We add sugar sparingly to preserve the natural flavor of the fruit.

Sandrine also prepares yogurts and granola that you can enjoy for breakfast

Even though we do not have our own vegetable garden, our neighbor market gardener runs a stand less than 2 km from the Mas, where you can find fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables .

And if you're looking for delicious local products, don't miss the Velleron market every evening or that of L'Isle every Thursday and Sunday.

It is entirely possible to eat at the Mas, we offer a selection of jars such as beef bourguignon to reheat or niçoise salad, you can also have it delivered thanks to UberEats or directly by partners (we will happily provide you with the contact details)

The common room of the Mas has a fridge , a microwave and crockery. Feel comfortable sitting down to enjoy a small dish.

We have a selection of high quality artisanal products such as vinegar, olive oil and organic honey in our store.

The teas you enjoy at breakfast or in your room are all organic , for a healthy and tasty taste experience.

We hope that your stay with us will be pleasant and memorable . If you need anything or have any questions about our property and our area, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help!

Sandrine and Guy