Ethics, environment and energy charter



Welcome to Mas Séraphin, where we are delighted to offer you exceptional comfort while respecting the environment.

• We are proud to collaborate with the artisanal soap factory Rampal Latour to take care of your laundry and offer you comfort products free of heavy metals , carcinogenic , mutagenic or reprotoxic products. Their products are made from olive oil and essential oils for subtle and pleasant scents.

This is one of the oldest soap factories in Provence.

• We purchase cleaning and hospitality products in large quantities which we handle ourselves in order to reduce unnecessary waste.

• Our duvets are maintained in an OTEK certified laundry .

• We believe in using gentle , natural cleaning methods, such as household vinegar and steam for disinfection.However, in exceptional cases we use chemicals to ensure the cleanliness of our rooms.

• We are also concerned about our carbon footprint . For this reason, the Mas's hot water is produced using solar panels , which you can admire behind the establishment.

• In addition, all our bulbs are LED and our appliances are as economical as possible.

• We have also adopted measures to reduce our waste production and to efficiently manage our energy consumption . In particular, we have eliminated individual water bottles in favor of reusable aluminum bottles which we offer to our customers .

• Finally, know that we are attentive to your safety and comfort . This is why our air conditioningare equipped with a door and window opening control system, to ensure economical and responsible use of energy. Likewise, the exterior lights only come on when people pass by, for even more judicious use of energy.

We hope that your stay at Mas Séraphin will be pleasant and that you will appreciate our commitment to the environment and the comfort of our guests.

Sandrine and Guy